China Initial Public Offerings (ipos)

IPO stands for initial public offering and occurs when a company first sells its shares to the public. Enter Dynasty Resources, a small company with big ambitions for reshaping the way China and the US do business. IPOs can be a risky investment. For the individual investor, it is tough to predict what the stock will do on its initial day of trading and in the near future since there is often little historical data with which to analyze the company.

Dynasty Resources and its financial partners provide the following financial services to Chinese companies:
1. Go public in the United States and become listed on the NASDAQ, the NYSE or Pink Sheets. There are several ways of accomplishing this. Reverse mergers are the most common and least costly method. Please see below for more on Reverse Mergers.

2. Go public in Europe or in the United States by way of Luxembourg, whose rules and regulations are lenient and tax laws are beneficial.

3. Provide venture capital / private equity investments from top US firms that specialize in China. Investment targets must be profitable and willing to undergo screening by internationally recognized accounting firms.

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